FbA: Private Label Product Sourcing: Finding Manufacturers and Navigating Product Regulations, Standards, Customs and Import Tax Rates (Mastermind Roadmap to Selling on Amazon with FBA) (Volume 2)

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Are you uncomfortable with finding suppliers? Do you struggle with business etiquette and communicating with suppliers? Whether you want to (1) confidently find a reputable supplier for your product, (2) expand your line of products, or (3) improve your relationship to suppliers, you will want the second book in the Mastermind Roadmap series. FBA Private Label Product Sourcing gives you the knowledge you need to ensure you deal direct with reputable manufacturers from the get go so you don’t waste your time on scammers, traders, and wholesalers. Don’t lose your hard-earned money to dodgy suppliers and scammers. FBA Private Label Product Sourcing gives the low-down on the best sourcing directories online, and unveils the biggest and most overlooked mistakes made by buyers. After reading you will know what to do before contacting a supplier, all the way to succesfully placing a sample order and deciding which supplier is best for you. Act confidently and learn how to do business with suppliers. Why listen to us? We’re a Private Label Mastermind consisting of five experienced and successful Amazon FBA sellers. We’re also #1 Amazon bestselling authors in the categories of Exports & Imports and Auctions & Small Business. We’ve changed our lifestyles drastically by selling through Amazon FBA and we’re here to help you achieve the same result. This book consolidates years of accumulated experience and knowledge at fraction of the cost of courses selling for thousands – the book is only the price of a coffee for Pete’s sake! Streamline your sourcing process: -Rapidly calculate profit margins on any product. -Avoid patent and trademark issues related to your products. -Use the best negotiation tactics and methods so you score the best deals. -Use 3 unknown product sourcing directories that are recommended over Alibaba. -Understand the role of customs brokers and freight forwarders and when to engage with them. -Easily determine what product regulations, standards, and customs laws apply to your product with 4 methods. Get into the nitty gritty of: -A live case study for performing a product search. -Convincing suppliers to accept an order below their stated MOQ. -The Dark Side of Alibaba: the pros, cons, and what’s hidden under the surface. -Everything you need to know when it comes down to price (EXW, FOB, MOQ). -Why provinces in China specialize in manufacturing certain goods and why this is important for you to know. -5 Common payment methods and the pros and cons of each one (… one payment method should never be used.) Also gain access to four free bonuses inside: -Excel sheets to record supplier contact details and quotes. -Email templates for contacting suppliers and placing sample orders. -A mini-guide to sourcing products from manufacturers outside of China. -A compilation of all resources and links mentioned in the book for your reference. Never feel overwhelmed, confused, or frustrated with sourcing again. FBA Private Label Product Sourcing will allow you to take charge and source confidently for your products. With clear instructions, examples, and step by step processes shared in the book, you can easily follow along as you find your own reputable manufacturer that you can trust. Product sourcing is the crux of all private label businesses, getting this part right will determine whether your business succeeds or fails. Learn the ins and outs to finding a reliable supplier and a quality product without the hassle.To source private label products the correct way, click the BUY NOW button at the top right of this page!

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