Secrets of Purposeful Keyword Research: Dominating the Internet with Purpose, Passion and a Plan (The Ballen Method Secrets of Success)

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t its most basic, Keyword research is the process through which a business owner can find the exact terms that the customer is using to look for a product or a service.

These keywords are then used to get a good ranking in online searches. However, it is not as simple as just that.

People on the Internet tend to behave like a herd. It has been found that a majority of customers use the same set of keywords to look for the same thing. Which means that it is possible to determine the most commonly used keywords.

Keywords with a high number of usage are called keywords with high volume. It is not always wise to use extremely high volume keywords because they tend to be highly competitive as well. A large number of websites around the world are trying to use the same keywords to attract consumers.

So Mark may find that real estate is to be the most popular keyword in his category. But if he uses it, he is not likely to get a good Search Engine Rank as thousands of websites are already using the same keyword. It would be better for him to use a keyword that is not as popular or competitive.

Keyword Research can also go a long way in making a business more profitable. Some keywords can generate a high volume of traffic to a website. But other keywords can lead to more sales. An Internet Marketer can then choose keywords that are more suited to his purpose.

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