Secrets of the Amazon

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AMAZON’S INVASION OF THE RETAIL SHORELINE IS JUST BEGINNING… The tectonic shift in technological, societal and economic forces is giving rise to a new class of highly disruptive companies like Amazon, Uber, Airbnb and WeWork. As these companies push the edges of the consumer value frontier, traditional industry boundaries are blurring and structural fault lines are emerging for companies across a wide range of industries. In this radical business book, Barbara Gray navigates us down the raging Amazon river where we witness the unfolding of the retail apocalypse. By piecing together emerging structural disruption developments, Gray uncovers valuable and timely insights for investors as she reveals the secrets of the Amazon, including the truth about Alexa — Bezos’ Amazonian Warrior and Queen. And we learn how companies can escape the coming reckoning as Amazon begins its invasion of the retail shoreline.

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