The Amazon of Ray Goldberg Rivera

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This thrilling novel is based on a true story. After coming home from the war in Vietnam, Ray Goldberg Rivera needs a job, but the only ones he finds are in sales and require him to put on a suit and tie—two things he just can’t bring himself to do. He then chances upon an ad reading, “Want to Explore the Amazon,” and he soon finds himself driving his beloved 1962 Volkswagen beetle from his parents’ home in Pasadena, California, to the country of Panama along with two strangers: a sexy bible-thumping southern belle and a California surfer who has never been away from home.

As the three strangers wind their way through Mexico, Central and South America, their secret motivations are revealed while experiencing amazing adventures, meeting unforgettable characters, experimenting with drugs, engaging in wild sex, and surviving near death encounters. In the end they each discover meaning in their lives.

This entertaining novel based on author Dennis Torres’s experiences will captivate armchair travelers and history buffs as well as readers who enjoy a good adventure yarn.

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