The Ghost at His Back (Rankin Flats Supernatural Thrillers Book 1)

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Ghosts are assholes, and no one knows that better than Garrett, long-suffering seer of the departed. Accompanied by his wisecracking spectral friend Murphy, he has made a comfortable lifestyle for himself by taking down his city’s worst elements, but life is about to take some very strange turns for the beleaguered vigilante.

A serial killer with eerie parallels to Garrett stalks the city’s streets, always on the lookout for his next victim, while a secretive gang of ritualistic psychopaths known as the Legion hunts for the thief who took out one of their own. Caught in the cross-hairs, it’s all Garrett and Murphy can do to stay one step ahead of their newest enemies.

To complicate things further, an enticing acquaintance has come back to Rankin Flats. Happiness might seem within reach for Garrett, but to stand a chance with her, he’ll have to consider doing the one thing most likely to drive her away – telling her the truth.

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2 thoughts on - The Ghost at His Back (Rankin Flats Supernatural Thrillers Book 1)

  1. I enjoyed this book immensely I enjoyed this book immensely. There were times I quite literally burst out with a guffaw or two. Cam does a good job of building suspense and then hitting you with some comic relief. Even in a world with ghosts it feels real. The main character isn’t super human, he isn’t invincible. He struggles with real life problems that you can relate to. I know it is fiction and isn’t going to happen but when reading the book you can’t help but think maybe, just maybe, it could. Now I won’t claim this…

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