Wonder Woman: The Story of the Amazon Princess

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Wonder Woman has been a star on television and, of course, in comic books. But this is her firstever jacketed hardcover picture book. Written in a simple, engaging manner perfect for a very young audience and illustrated with bright, bold artwork inspired by the original comic book art, Wonder Woman is the ideal introduction to this legendary super hero. Children will find out how the daughter of an Amazon queen grew up to become a protector of mankind, with a mission to teach peace and kindness to all.

Ralph Cosentino has already expertly brought Batman and Superman to life. Now, with Wonder Woman, he completes the trinity of classic DC Comics characters.

3 thoughts on - Wonder Woman: The Story of the Amazon Princess

  1. Another Excellent Title by Cosentino My son and I have enjoyed writer and illustrator Ralph Cosentino’s and for some time. As such, we’ve eagerly awaited the release of Cosentino’s third title in the series, Wonder Woman: The Story of the Amazon Princess. Cosentino comes through terrifically, delving into her origin story and…

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