Your Guide to Amazon Suspensions: 2017-2018 Edition

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Black & White Version of the latest book for suspended Amazon sellers and Amazon sellers that want to avoid being suspended or losing their top ASINs. This book empowers suspended Amazon sellers to get their suspended Amazon accounts reinstated. This book teaches Amazon sellers how to get their individual ASINs reinstated if they are suspended. There are two main goals of this book: Educate Amazon sellers about how to avoid suspensions and Teach suspended Amazon sellers how to get their accounts and ASINs quickly reinstated. Amazon sellers can use what we have learned after helping thousands of suspended Amazon sellers to maintain their selling privileges and use the information and sample Plans of Action to get your selling privileges reinstated as soon as possible. This book is intended to teach you how to work within Amazon’s system to get your listing or your account back online after a suspension. Inside you will find information and sample language for Plans of Action for Amazon account suspensions for: Inauthentic, Used Sold as New, High ODR rates, Related Accounts, Review Manipulation, Rights Owner and Intellectual Property complaints. Amazon sellers will learn how to take the decision about reinstatement out of Amazon’s hands. As the latest book on how to avoid Amazon suspensions and how to get your accounts and ASINs back, readers will learn about Amazon’s 2017 Hacked Account issues, the suspension of NFL product suspensions and how beat brands that make intellectual property complaints. For newer sellers, readers will learn about the basic types of suspensions and the most common reasons for suspensions. Amazon sellers will be taught basic methods for reinstatement, time limits for submitting POAs, the format of successful POAs. Inside, Amazon sellers are provided with sample language that works. With this book, suspended Amazon sellers can draft their own POAs.

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  1. Taught me why I was suspended, how to write a Plan of Action (POS) and other important information so it won’t happen again. Every Amazon seller should own this book.I sell on Amazon FBA full-time and make pretty good money but recently got suspended by Amazon due to Inauthentic complaints. I spent way to much time trying to find out information myself and looking on forums throughout the internet. Being suspended on Amazon is a major issue and there is no information out there on how to fix the issue if you are a seller. I did a search on Amazon to see if someone wrote a book on the subject and as luck…

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