Build your own WordPress website: An ultimate guide for small business owners


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Let’s learn how to build a WordPress website together! Even without any prior computer knowledge, you can learn how to create a blog that is optimized for Google SEO, integrated with social media channels and equipped with a WooCommerce online store. This WordPress tutorial is illustrated with helpful screenshots to facilitate learning and decrease implementation time. You can easily learn how to build a beautiful WordPress website that displays your company’s name and logo and lets the world know that your company is influential and hip by adding an online presence with the functionality to process orders from anywhere in the world! And, you can build this wordpress website in 1-3 days, with some diligence. In this WordPress step by step guide, you will learn: • How to build a WordPress website for your small business, whether it is currently a physical location or online destination. • How to choose a profitable website domain name and select the best web hosting server • How to install WordPress and configure the WordPress dashboard for your business • Updating and securing your WordPress site to prevent hacking and digital theft • Selecting a WordPress theme and customizing the theme for your business • Integrating an email list like Aweber or Mailchimp into your website • Setting up an online shop via WooCommerce to facilitate digital sales • How to use SEO and keywords to increase internet visibility and internet traffic via search engine optimization on Google, Bing and other search engines. Page Up and Order Now!



  1. Good overview with steps to setting up your own WP site I am replacing my old website with a wordpress site and thought this might be useful. It didn’t really tell me much that I didn’t already know, but I think it is very good for those who are setting up their own sites and don’t know much about WordPress.These are the areas covered by this book:1. How to register a domain name, purcahse a hosting plan, install WP, configure and clean up basic settings.2. When to use posts versus pages, ,create and change posts and…

  2. everything I read and hear about wordpress says its very use friendly and easy.. I have used the wix site to create several websites in the past. Community information sites, a site for my UG Affiliate info (you can see it in my profile), but I see other people creating in wordpress and have always wanted to be able to have a wordpress site. The problem is, everything I read and hear about wordpress says its very use friendly and easy… and I am very good with a computer. I used to work at a IT helpdesk, so I know my way around… I do not find wordpress all that easy…

  3. The Guide Guru Strikes Again!! They claim that WordPress is so user friendly, yet I was anything but friendly while trying, for days and days, to set up my website and getting nowhere until I grabbed a copy of this little gem. It is chocked full of helpful tips and tricks to work with your WordPress account and I was up and running in no time. I would highly recommend this book to anyone wanting to create a WordPress website, this wonderful book will guide you through It all step by step in very easy to understand jargon,…

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