POWERED BY WORDPRESS: How To Create A WordPress Site From Scratch (A Beginner’s Guide To SEO Google friendly website)


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Learn how to create a new fully functioning website using WordPress in 60 minutes or less – beginner friendly!

70% of website blogs today use WordPress, it’s fast, easy and it works great

Learn to create google friendly websites in the fastest way possible



  1. Great quick to read resource I am a fairly new blogger and chise to use WordPress. It seems to be the most popular format these days. It makes it super simple to blog without knowing code. I was looking for resources to help me understand some of the benefits of WordPress. This book was extremely helpful. It is well written and very easy to understand. I found several tips and tricks that I had not seen in doing research online. There is also lots of helpful adilvice for new bloggers. It is a very quick read but it is…

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