What is Amazon Prime?: The Complete Guide to Amazon Prime


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What is Amazon Prime? The Complete Guide to Amazon Prime. Everything you need to know about Amazon Prime, what it offers and how to get started to enjoy it for yourself. Amazon Prime continues to become a more popular and widely used service, and that’s with good reason, too. Amazon Prime offers its members a great deal of benefits and unique advantages, and it comes in at an affordable price as well. Not only that, but there are many ways that you can get started with Amazon Prime for free, or can even customize it to fit your specific circumstances. Before you begin though, you need to know what Amazon Prime is all about, how much it has grown and evolved since it first began, and finally, how you can best utilize everything that it has to offer. In this guide, you’ll learn everything you need to know about Amazon Prime, and you’ll see for yourself that this is a service which you should taking advantage of to help save money, enjoy unique add-ons and offerings, and experience the utmost in shopping and entertainment convenience.



  1. Beware About Pricing if You’re a Prime Customer I just found out that Amazon charges you more for some products just because you’re a Prime customer. Someone told me about that so I checked for myself. I compared a couple of products on Amazon.com from my computer to Amazon.com on another computer where I wiped out all the cookies. And sure enough, I get lower prices if I’m not a Prime customer….for some items. I’m not sure how they decide which products they’ll charge more for. I guess Amazon thinks higher prices is one of the…

  2. This System is Horrible DO NOT BUY THE MEMBERSHIP FOR $80!. I recently bought this to compare vs Netflix. Netflix keeps taking off programming that my kids and I are currently watching. We were getting very upset with the lack of good movies and tv shows so I purchased Amazon Prime subscription. I was thinking that $80 a year vs cost of Netflix rented for a year was a good idea, Boy was I wrong. So far any movie I have wanted to to watch cost extra between $2.99 to $7.99 per movie. Why does the cost more? I…

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