WordPress for Beginners 2020: Learn How to Start Making Money Online with WordPress, and Build Your Own Business with Blogging

Discover how you can start blogging and build a powerful income stream with the help of this detailed guide!

Do you want to harness the ever-growing power of blogging? Want to create a lucrative revenue stream, earn passive income, and build your business with blogging? Then this is the book for you!

Inside this comprehensive guide, you’ll uncover how you can get started with blogging and build the foundation of a successful online business – even if you’re a complete beginner. Whether you want to generate passive income, promote your products or services, or simply turn your hobby into a way of making money, this book shows you how.

Covering everything from how you can get started with WordPress to blogging fundamentals, how you can build a beautifully-designed website, and how you can leverage keywords for discoverability, this book is your all-in-one guide to the world of blogging!

Inside this detailed guide, you’ll discover:The Key Design Concepts You Need to Know Before Building Your SiteEasy, Cost-Effective Ways to Make Your Site Look Like it was Made by The ProsOne Simple Strategy For Making Your Site as Secure as Possible for You and Your UsersUnderstanding Why Some People Have Bad WebsitesTechnical Details – How to Host Your SiteThe Best Keywords and SEO Tricks for DiscoverabilityAnd So Much More!

So don’t let this opportunity pass you by – if you want to take advantage of the lucrative world of blogging and build your business like a pro, then this book is for you! Create a stunning website for a fraction of the price a professional would cost, supercharge your discoverability with SEO, and begin your journey to building a successful business today!

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