WordPress for Beginners: 3 Books in 1- A Comprehensive Beginners Guide+ Tips and Tricks+ Simple, Effective and Advanced Strategies to Build a Beautiful WordPress Website

There are countless reasons to choose a WordPress website, regardless of what your website is actually for; they are easy to set up, cheap and reliable. What they aren’t, however, is unique at least in their most basic form. If you are looking for a way to make your WordPress site stand out from the crowd then this bundle book is the one you have been waiting for. Inside you will find a mix of classic design principles combined with modern website concerns to ensure that your end result is going to be as personalized and unique as you and your reason for having a website are. You will learn more than just simple design concepts; however, you will also learn how to use your website to create and reinforce your very own brand before learning how to use the basics of what you want your brand to be to reinforce the core design concepts you are going for as well. Inside you will find•Key design concepts that you must know before starting to build your site. •How to find the best logo for any type of business•Little know statistics to take into account when choosing a WordPress theme•Easy ways to ensure your site looks as though it was made by a professional•All the latest website design trends•And much much more…Grab this Powerful pack of 3 books bundle and garner the intricacies pertaining to building and creating Beautiful WordPress websites!



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